Once a year, MEN (based in Nassau) supports an organisation with a donation of 1,000.00 €. Choosing the recipient is far from easy. The objective is to support local projects in particular. But even locally, there is a wide choice of meaningful and important organisations worth supporting.

This year, MEN has decided to support the voluntary fire brigade of Weinähr. The organisation had already been informed about the financial donation at the beginning of the year.

During a large-scale practice exercise on the Miedziankit grounds, Dieter Gotthardt (Authorised Officer) and Andreas Bochen (Safety Officer), as representatives of MEN, were able to get an impression of the voluntary firefighters’ work during a large-scale practice exercise. Mr. Gotthardt was impressed with the equipment and the firefighters’ physical performance, so after the exercise, he was delighted to officially hand over the donation cheque for 1,000.00 € to fire chief Mr Salzwedel.

Handover of the donation cheque by Dieter Gotthardt, Authorised Officer, as a representative of MEN which was established in 1957 in Nassau, to fire chief Bastian Salzwedel and the comrades of the voluntary fire brigade of Weinähr.