MEN has represented German reliability, precision and quality as well as durability for 60 years. Police and armed forces around the world in over 30 countries rely on MEN products. We have set progress as our benchmark and work tirelessly to continuously develop ourselves as well as our products. After numerous investments in the machine park and production facility itself, we are now concentrating on additional qualifications for our staff in every area. Because these people are essential for a company and deserve special appreciation as well as support and promotion. With around 300 employees, we are one of the largest employer in the region and this is something to build on. We do not just live in this region – rather more we live with the region. That is why environmental protection is an important point for MEN. For this reason we are particularly proud of our special “MEN Green Ammunition”. What is decisive about these products? They are lead-free and less-pollutant. Only the highest quality components are utilised here. They therefore not only protect humans but also the environment. We do not just want to rest on our success, we want to accomplish many more milestones in the future.