Increases in training workloads

The professional and working areas of our police forces have always been very challenging. However, in light of the global developments such as for example increasing terrorism, our civil servants and officials are now faced with new challenges. Every individual person is exposed to great danger which they have to react to. The industry must adapt to the new requirements arising from these scenarios because protection of the police personnel is always in the focus. Here at MEN it is obvious that we need to develop products which adjust and suit the developments and therefore ensure the perfect ammunition. An example of this is the LFI (Lead-free Indoor) training ammunition which supports the increased training workloads of the police. MEN is the reliable and tested partner, not just for training but also for the most demanding assignment conditions. Our product range includes armour piercing bullets in the various calibres, as well as deformation
projectiles for a lower background ­hazard and for protecting bystanders. This is also the scenario for the future.