MEN – Quality made in Germany

For more than 60 years, MEN Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH in Nassau on the river Lahn has embodied premium quality and reliable security. Our products accompany armies, agencies and special forces and secure their missions with top quality ammunition for handguns.

At our site in Nassau, Germany, approx. 300 employees develop, produce and manage products to ensure safety. Our top priority are the values of competence and reliability as well as personal support of our business partners.

Progress is our standard

We have made progress our standard. This has enabled us to achieve more than 60 successful years in business. MEN has been part of CBC Group since 2007 and is run by an owner who is always committed to the company. This includes investments into the site, technology and above all, our employees. Based on this foundation, MEN produces and develops first-class products.

From the start, we have manufactured cartridges for the German Army and the NATO partners. Therefore, the high quality demands that agencies and the army place on our production have played a pivotal role from day one.

Over the years, the requirements of the various application areas have grown more and more specific and differentiated. To continue to be able to offer each customer optimum solutions and facilitate their product selection, we decided to categorise our products according to existing customer structures into three lines: MilitaryLine, PoliceLine and SniperLine. Another advantage is that the technical production and test parameters are instantly recognizable. While police cartridges are usually certified according to technical guidelines, the qualified army ammunition is identifiable by the “DM” designation within the product name. The designation stands for “Deutsches Modell” (German model) and is issued by the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information, Technology and In-Service Support, BAAINBw).

Corporate Governance means to run a company well and responsibly. This responsibility is assumed by our Managing Director Hermann Mayer, supported by the members of our management team and each and every employee. One of the most important instruments for its implementation is the Corporate Compliance Policy.
Compliance means adhering to certain rules, legal conformity and avoiding law infringements by means of internal organisational preventative measures. For this purpose, policies, structures and measures are included in the Corporate Compliance Policy.

For many years, MEN has enjoyed a reputation as a company with outstanding strengths. Imprudent and illegal actions can destroy this reputation within one second. This must be prevented. Hence, it is important that each employee bases his/her actions on the principles embedded in our Corporate Compliance Policy.

Naturally, this policy cannot cover all conceivable circumstances, nor can it describe all applicable rules which must be adhered to in each individual case. For example, it is possible that applicable national law stipulates more stringent standards than the ones expressed in this policy. In such a case, the more stringent standards must be observed. Individual employees violating the principles of this Corporate Compliance Policy also face severe consequences.

MEN wants to compete successfully through innovation, quality, reliability and fairness. Where a business transaction is only possible with some form of illegal or unethical conduct, we will not consider it. By rigorously implementing our Corporate Compliance Policy, we demonstrate to the media, our investors, competitors and agencies how important applicable law is to us and how meticulously we make sure it is followed.

CCP as a Guideline for every individual.
MEN is successful through:

  • Innovation and quality
  • Reliability and fairness

In order to produce high-quality premium products, every single area in the company must comply with high standards.MEN places great value on this.We are proud to have met these requirements for several years already and to work on continuous improvement at the same time.

In order to make this tangible for the customers, suppliers and employees as well, the company subjects to regular certifications.

Our prosesses are compilant with the ISO 9001, 14001 and AQAP 2110 standards. Another standardization concerns our AEO-certificate issued by the main customs office in Koblenz. Based on these certificated processes, we qualify our products together with our customers according to their standards, such as the NATO and technical directives.

This makes us a qualified supplier for authorities and armies – not only in Germany, but anywhere in Europe.

The QM manual describes in detail the quality management system introduced by MEN. This achieves a common understanding of all quality management systems and ensures that all quality-related processes, arrangements and procedures applied within MEN are set out in a clear, unambiguous and understandable manner.

This applies in particular to our customers who we can provide with the safety they expect through planned, executed and tested quality features.

The content of MEN’s QM manual serves as a guide for its internal processes in relation to the manufacture of ammunition and subsequently as information for our customers. It is used as a basis and guide for audits.